Wi-Fi access at a motel? It doesn’t happen as often as it should. If you’ve been to a Motel, chances are you stayed in the room they advertise on their website or booked online.

By law, hotels must provide the service, but a quick search of the internet

shows some hotels are not providing this when you have an online reservation. Sometimes they still offer to download the software to your computer and make it part of your room package.

What do you think about these tech issues? If you book through a website, you have to pay for this software even if you don’t use it. Your fee covers the internet types connection and sometimes it is part of the package.

So why do these hotels sell you this service? Why don’t they provide it for free? Could it be that they get a commission from the website?

The issue with this is the fact that some websites are simply for marketing, and they are run by marketing professionals who also work for corporate website owners. A marketing group hires out internet technology to hotel or motel owners. They then recruit new business for the company and try to increase the website’s popularity.

When you are on the internet, there is a way to get infected. Don’t believe me? Try clicking on a link and then going to a non-Hotel site.

Now the other thing is if a hotel sites that they offer the software to you and not the hotel itself,

you should expect a sign that says something like “Enter codes 0986746.” Or “Thank you for supporting our Corporate Sponsors.” You can avoid this by signing on any website’s forum.

Don’t let anyone promise you that they have Wi-Fi access at a motel. If they tell you anything, be suspicious. Remember, there is nothing special about these hotels.

However, there are hotels that actually provide service that does what they say they will do. You should have the benefit of the services before you even decide to stay in their hotel.

Not to mention that if you are an employee at a hotel, you may want to check if you can book a room at their site or by clicking on the icon of their web site on your desk. It’s a convenient place to find the phone number of that motel. And that motel can use it.

For me, a hotel website offers the convenience of providing me with WiFi access but not WiFi access at a motel. Not, because I wouldn’t enjoy it, but because I would have to pay for it.

  • I’d rather stay in a room with an internet connection that I pay for than get one that they provide.
  • That being said, I have never stayed in a hotel that offered free WiFi for their guests.
  • But I do know that there are some hotels that will provide the connectivity but they have to charge for it.

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