You want to learn how to save money at a motel. Unfortunately, you’ll find that you can’t always rely on the free offers available when you travel. The next time you visit, consider the following tips.

First, ask about hotel booking bonuses or added fees that are not part of the price of your stay.

Some hotels offer a free breakfast and you may be charged for the meal. Other times, they may ask for a deposit at the time of check-in that is non-refundable.

If possible, use a credit card to book your motel reservation. If you can’t carry a checkbook. Credit cards often have a limit on how much they will charge you for each night. Although this is good news for many people, it can be inconvenient when you get charged for a night you do not spend in the motel.

Spend some time planning your hotel location. Pick a destination that has some sort of amenities that will appeal to you. Find out if there is a train station near the location you choose. It may be worth a short drive for someone who has never driven to see the sights. If you’re visiting during the fall or winter months, then plan on getting up early to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Don’t just hit the motels and hotels that are located in the area where you’ll be staying. Many hotels and motels offer special deals to visitors who travel to certain cities during certain times of the year. Look into those opportunities when you are checking out your lodging options.

Do you know about any special nightly rates? Consider staying in a resort that offers a weekend package deal or late-night accommodations. The rooms may be more expensive, but you’ll enjoy a less stressful trip when you have a room that fits your needs.

Study the size of the hotel. Some hotel rooms are quite small,

while others are large. Therefore, you may be able to find a room that fits your needs at a less expensive rate than other rooms.

If you’re interested in more than one hotel during your stay, be sure to make reservations on the motel’s web site. Some hotels will rent their rooms out for a fee to help cover expenses. When they start running specials, be sure to ask if you can try the rooms for free.

If you do not bring your own pillows and sheets, ask if they can provide them as a free gift. Hotels often provide pillows that look like the hotel’s. Many times, this doesn’t cost anything, but it does mean you have to bring your own bedding.

Make sure you have a comfortable chair to sit in during your stay. This is important to most people. If you are uneasy in a room, look for the room with the smallest seat or the most open chair. You don’t want to be uncomfortable because the motel’s staff is trying to keep the rooms cozy.

A well-appointed bed is also necessary. If you are traveling during the summer, then you should expect your bed to be cooler than the average room.

  • Make sure you keep your mattress warm if you can during your stay.
  • As you can see, you can save money at a motel when you travel during the winter.
  • Use these tips to make your next trip a great one.

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